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I am a nerd. I am also a computer engineer. I have spent 20 plus years writing software. I grew up playing video games on Atari, then Nintendo, and progressed to the newer systems. I stopped playing games years ago as I was spending too much time in the world of make believe while my conscious world was in disarray. One of the things that fascinated me early on was ‘cheat codes’. When I was 15 I learned I could make the bees stop firing at me on Galaga and then I could score over 999,999 points and ‘flip’ the game. Obviously this is much easier to do when you are not facing an onslaught of angry alien bees. Cheat codes enable a player to have an added advantage over other gamers who do not use a cheat codes. With cheat codes levels are easier or you may even skip entire levels. What if we could ‘gamify’ our existence here in this life? What if there were ‘cheat codes’? What if the material world were ours to command and shape to fit our desires? Something I have learned over the past few years is that the material world is exactly that. The matter around us is built on energy. At our core we are the creative energy of the universe. When we are moving toward health and well being we are aligning ourselves to the quantum field. In our most healthy states we have control of the world around us. Reality is ours to create. The old belief system that tells us we are simply nervous systems attached to a brain that is subject to what life throws at us is the problem. We must transcend the nervous system, the conscious mind, and the body. When the quantum self is awake and in control it can literally gamify the system and make matter and future events subject to the will of the quantum self. Some call this materialization. The key to this is to first envision what you want and then feel the emotions in your body believing you have the outcome you desire. Your mind, body, and quantum self must be aligned. Once this occurs the world is yours to command. A critical component of this concept is that the desires must be aligned with your greater good and the outcome the higher self knows is best for you.

Give it a try. Apply your ‘cheat code’ to this material world and notice how things start showing up.

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